About the Workbook

Rewrite Your Diabetes Story is an e-workbook that takes you on a guided journey into rewriting old thoughts and messages about living with diabetes and provides you with an opportunity to write a new compassionate, encouraging and hopeful story for yourself.

  • Examine old messages from childhood and/or early diagnosis

  • Reflect on critical-oriented messages and rewrite them into compassion-oriented messages

  • Create a new story about living with diabetes

  • Inspiring meditations to help guide your self-exploration and challenge your self-talk

Who Is This Workbook For?

  • It's for anyone who has ever been told something about your diabetes from a healthcare provider or family member or complete stranger that on one hand didn’t sit right but on the other hand you couldn’t shake.

  • It’s for anyone who feels like they are carrying around a weight and aren’t sure how much longer they can hold on.

  • It’s for anyone who wants to feel a little more inspired, a little more hopeful, a little more at peace... (or a LOT more!)

  • It’s for anyone who enjoys a little soul-searching, a little self-reflecting, a little self-care (or a LOT!)

What Readers Say

Tara S.

"I don't often take the time to consider my underlying beliefs surrounding the disease."

Tara S.

Living with type 1 diabetes forces us to be so emotionally strong that I don't often take the time to consider my underlying beliefs surrounding the disease, and how those messages impact my view of myself. I didn't think I would have much to discover about myself with this workbook, but the way the book so gracefully guided me through some tough conversations with myself made me notice the ways I haven't felt supported in my diabetes journey, and how people with T1D so often put on a brave face because we literally have no other option. I thought this workbook was great for people who think T1D has had no impact on their mental health, or who say everything is "fine" when really they just haven't taken the time to re-evaluate their thought patterns.


  • Is there a physical book?

    No, this is an ebook. But you are encouraged to print it out as there is a lot of blank space available to journal your answers.

  • Why do I need to rewrite my story?

    Many people are given messages, either directly or indirectly, that can be hurtful and limiting in our ability to grow and live fully. Those messages may be that we are a burden, we are too much work, we can't live out our dreams, or that we should or shouldn't do something because of our diabetes.

  • Are there refunds?

    Because this is an electronic item, there are no refunds available.

  • How do I buy the ebook?

    When you purchase the ebook, it give you access to come with three "lessons" -- an intro, the downloadable workbook, and additional resources. Because of the platform, it looks like there are lessons, but there really aren't.

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